Attracting & retaining talent in the new world of work

05 Jul 2022

Attracting and retaining talent is more important than ever for the future of any business, particularly as we shift to a more globalised workplace thanks in part to the pandemic.

Date: Tuesday 5th July 2022
Timings: 8:30am Arrival and refreshments / Event commences at 9:00am and finishes at 10:30am (approx.)
Location: UNW, Citygate, St James’ Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4JE

The purpose of this event is to provide insight and practical advice on how to attract, recruit, and retain talent as well as giving attendees some insight from businesses that are dealing with these issues first hand.

With attracting and retaining talent in the tech sector already an issue before the pandemic brought in the Great Resignation and then the Great Reshuffle, Sarat Pediredla, CEO at hedgehog lab, joins us to discuss how his company is navigating these choppy waters without inflating pay and impacting the business’ bottom line.

Laura Weaving, Founder and Managing Director of Duo Global Consulting, will deliver a look behind the scenes at the unique techniques that some of the most successful businesses, both internationally and closer to home, are employing to attract, and retain, high performing people.

Tracey Elvin, Director of People and Culture at Hive HR, will discuss the most critical issue facing businesses today: talent retention. The interactive session will look at employee retention trends across UK businesses and delve into how you can overcome the difficulties of retaining talent in the modern workplace.

This session is being held at 9:00am on Tuesday 5th July at our offices.

Refreshments will be provided.

To register your place, or if you have any queries about the event, please contact us at

About the speakers

Sarat Pediredla co-founded hedgehog lab after working behind the desk in agencies as an Engineer. He is passionate about building high-performance teams and led the original culture framework which has helped hedgehog lab achieve breakthrough growth in the last 5 years. As CEO, he has led the growth of the company by working with the commercial teams, leading new business, and is the custodian of culture that has resulted in hedgehog lab being named a Great Place to Work (UK).

Laura Weaving is the Founder and CEO of Duo Global Consulting, and has an extensive background in recruitment, organisational culture change, people and HR strategies for growth focussed businesses. Laura established Duo in 2014, launching the business in the US, quickly followed by an office in the UK, in the North East. In addition to running Duo, Laura holds several other board and non-exec People and CPO roles which continues to give her both an internal and external view of key business challenges.

Tracey Elvin, Director of People & Culture at Hive HR, joined the company in 2021 with more letters after her name than in it (MBA, PgDipHRM, CFCIPD), and a CV boasting a host of impressive names. Ever since then, she’s played a key role that’s impacted just about everything and everyone. As Director of People & Culture, she’s responsible for making sure that Hive practises what it preaches—creating and maintaining an environment that everyone can get behind and thrive in.