Ben Robison

“As I approached the end of my time at school, I was unsure whether to become an apprentice or go to university. I had considered pursuing a career in psychology but decided to go into accounting after learning about the UNW apprenticeship programme. Having studied business and economics at A-Level, it seemed a good fit for me and it’s a decision I don’t regret. I chose the apprenticeship route here at UNW as I liked the idea of earning whilst you are learning. UNW stood out to me as a firm that invests in its people and their careers, which has proven to be true.

“In my time at UNW, I have worked in our Accounting Services, Audit and Tax Departments which has improved my knowledge and understanding of the accounting world and has also gone hand-in-hand with my exams. There’s a real benefit to working full-time at UNW as well as working towards exams with Kaplan, as you’re learning in two completely different environments. This has benefitted me in the long run and provided me with experience that I may not have received if I had gone on to university.”