Alan Suggett
Dental Business Unit Partner

t: +44 (0)191 243 6009
Mike Blenkharn
Senior Manager, Dental Business Unit

t: +44 (0)7540 336851


The UNW Dental Business Unit, led by partner Alan Suggett, is a leading national advisory team that acts for over 500 dentists across the UK.

UNW is a member of NASDAL (National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers), where Alan is a member of the Technical Committee and editor of their quarterly survey, and ASPD (Association of Specialist Providers to Dentists).

We work on a fixed fee basis, which includes an annual benchmarking report of practice results, and we also advise clients on buying and selling practices. Over the years, we have developed a vast number of strong working relationships with special dental leaders and lawyers.

Many pitfalls can arise working with NHS practices; In keeping with our code of practice, our team at UNW are here with as much support as you may require, however big or small.

ASPD     Nasdal

  • Buying a practice
    • We can help you find a practice to buy
    • Evaluate whether a practice will be viable for you
    • Help you negotiate favourable purchase terms, including a tax efficient purchase cost allocation
    • Introduce you to lenders and help you get a good deal
    • Advise you about the best structure to operate the practice (sole trade, limited company, etc)
  • Selling your practice
    • We can help you with “tactics” on sale to maximise your value
    • Our knowledge of the Goodwill market can help your sale negotiation
    • We’ll help you minimise tax on sale
    • An experienced and independent advisor to relieve your stress and help with your decisions
  • Maximising practice profitability
    • We’ll prepare a report for your practice analysing areas of strength and weakness based on the annual NASDAL benchmarking survey of hundreds of practices
    • We’ll quantify the amounts of extra potential profit to be earned
    • We can help you measure improvements as part of a profit improvement plan
  • Minimising tax
    • UNW has six tax partners and a team of approximately 30 tax advisers – almost 50% of our staff are tax professionals
    • You probably aren’t Jimmy Carr or Gary Barlow – so we’ll advise you accordingly
    • We’ll do our best to advise you so that your tax bill is minimised – but you can sleep at night
    • Whether annually, on practice sale, or on death – we’ll help minimise taxes
  • Payroll
  • Fees
    • Most of our fees are fixed, and agreed with you in advance
    • We don’t charge extra for telephone calls or emails
    • You can pay us on a monthly basis if you’d prefer
    • No surprises!
  • Strategic planning
    • The UNW Strategic Development Programme (SDP) is a tried and tested, systematical approach to strategic planning
    • If you’d like to be more focused and plan for how you’d like your business future to unfold, we can help
    • You’ll have objectives, an action plan and a review process
    • Fixed fee strategic planning projects start from £1,000 plus VAT
    • Where are you now, where would you like to be?
  • What is the best structure for your practice?

    Sole trade, incorporation, LLP, expense sharing, partnership?

    We’ll help and advise about all of the important issues

    • VAT
    • Associate NHS pension
    • Breaching contract
    • GDC registrant
    • Awkward Commissioners
    • Who owns the practice freehold?
    • Subcontracts
    • Repaying loan capital
    • Entrepreneurs relief
    • Directors
    • Incoming tax saving
    • Mixed NHS & Private
    • Goodwill ownership
    • Shareholders
    • Companies Acts
    • Involvement of spouse
    • Dividends
    • Limited company issues
    • Risk
    • Principal’s NHS pension
  • Accounting systems
    • We work with many computerised accounting systems (and even your manual books if you insist!)
    • We can recommend, configure and train you and your staff if you would like to improve record keeping
    • We’ll work with you on “the Cloud” if you like (usually using a system called Xero)
    • We have experience of designing sophisticated reporting systems measuring a range of KPI’s in addition to monthly profit and loss accounts and balance sheets
    • If you produce good monthly reports we’ll “desk review” these for you (to give you extra confidence) free of charge as a reward!
    • Keeping records (“the books”) efficiently
  • NHS pension scheme (NHSPS)
    • At no extra cost we’ll review your NHSPS entitlement annually
    • It’s complicated, and the Rules & Regulations often aren’t clear, but we can help you make sure your entitlement is right
    • Beware of the rules which apply to incorporated practices – we’ll guide you if this affects you
    • Despite recent changes it’s still a marvellous benefit
  • Associates – our approach
    • Some of our biggest dental clients have been with us since they were associates
    • Fixed fees, including unlimited telephone and email support
    • We have a dedicated team, on your wavelength
    • We’ll do our best to minimise your tax liability
    • We’ll make sure your NHS pension calculation is right (surprisingly most accountants don’t do this)
    • When the time comes we’ll help you find and buy a practice
  • Associates – the NHS pension scheme
    • In 2012 the NHSPS rules were clarified with regard to Associate / Performer pension entitlements
    • The correct basis of associate pensionable pay is the amount paid (not 43.9% of gross fees)
    • This important clarification will result in most associates pensionable earnings increasing
    • We will check this for you
    • Pension nightmare – are you affected?


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